1. The Milky Way soars over Mt. Elbert while shooting a Nolan’s 14 attempt in September 2013. Best of luck to everyone attempting the Nolan’s route this year.

  2. I shot stills for Ultimate Direction and Kelty last month while in the San Juans. It’s tough to take a bad photo in these incredible mountains. A big thanks to our crew for all their help!

  3. I finished up a series of three shoots for Chaco this past month. Chacos have become a favorite of the outdoorsy crowd because they truly embody what it is to play in the outdoors. On to the next project!

  4. My favorite time of year is July in the San Juans. I just spent two weeks in Silverton, CO camping with the fam, hanging with friends and shooting several photo projects. There has never been a more incredible gathering of amazing people than the week known as “Camp Hardrock”. I pinch myself when I think that I’m actually a part of it. The highlight of the week, as always, was shooting the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run for Clif Bar. Here are two shots that Clif used on Instagram.

  5. I had the AWESOME opportunity to shoot for Nike at the Western States 100 this past weekend. I don’t know the last time I had such a blast shooting a race! It was great to see so many familiar faces and inspiring stories out there. It was a long 24 hour shoot day with plenty of driving and hiking and we nailed it. It’s a virtual certainty I have poison oak from all of the bushes I laid in off-trail but anything to get the shot!

  6. I made a quick trip to Vail to shoot the GoPro Mountain Games last weekend. Total blast! 

  7. Recent work for Nathan Sports of ultrarunner Emily Harrison at Lake Sonoma before her course record win at the Lake Sonoma 50.

  8. I was excited to see this sweet spread in the “Favorite Trail” section of the June ‘14 Trail Runner Magazine. The Angel’s Landing Trail in Zion National Park shot during a trip in early April. 

  9. I recently had the awesome opportunity to spend a weekend shooting fly fishing right here in Colorado. We had several clients lined up for the project and live-posted directly to our Instagram account during the trip. Fly Fishing was a sport I had not photographed before but I’m always up for a new challenge and it paid off in spades. The fish weren’t doing their part but every fisherman knows that’s a small part of the fun anyway!

  10. I had a fantastic shoot for Buff USA this past week. Good friend Andrew Drysdale and I hit up some local Colorado trails on a cool Spring morning. The goal was to deliver on the ad agency brief calling for dynamic/action-oriented trail running imagery with engaging scenery that clearly highlights the Buff product. Andrew and I worked at numerous angles, poses and locations around the trail and he definitely got in a good work out. The image gallery was delivered to the client that very same day and the image files were archived for future reference. There’s a never-ending satisfaction that comes with delivering images to a happy client - the mark of a job well done.

  11. "There are no seats and no tickets here. My lens takes their place."

    A behind-the-scenes look at photographer and filmmaker Matt Trappe as he sets off on a road trip to find adventure and deliver on several client projects.


  12. 2014 Flora Health Advertising Campaign

    I’m just elated that I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Flora Health on their 2014 ad campaign. Not only are their products out-of-this-world but their team is a pleasure to work with. The images of Krissy Moehl and Sage Canaday above were used in several national magazine ads throughout early 2014. We organized two additional shoots this past week with Rob Krar, Max King, Sage Canaday, and Jason Schlarb which will appear in future ads and promotional materials. I can’t wait to show these to the world! I really enjoy shooting lifestyle images just as much or more than action/adventure shots. A HUGE thank you to Flora Health for the opportunity to work with them on this project. 

  13. Another headlamp selfie while killing some time waiting on the blood moon last night! Such a bright night!#adventurephotography @clikelite #nikon

  14. Shooting with Ian Torrence and Emily Harrison on a great day at Lake Sonoma! @adidas @adidasoutdoor @nathanperfgear @clikelite

  15. My version of a selfie star gazing at Fisher Towers, UT. f2.8 ISO1600 30s Nikon 7100 Tokina 11-16mm f2.8