1. "There are no seats and no tickets here. My lens takes their place."

    A behind-the-scenes look at photographer and filmmaker Matt Trappe as he sets off on a road trip to find adventure and deliver on several client projects.


  2. 2014 Flora Health Advertising Campaign

    I’m just elated that I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Flora Health on their 2014 ad campaign. Not only are their products out-of-this-world but their team is a pleasure to work with. The images of Krissy Moehl and Sage Canaday above were used in several national magazine ads throughout early 2014. We organized two additional shoots this past week with Rob Krar, Max King, Sage Canaday, and Jason Schlarb which will appear in future ads and promotional materials. I can’t wait to show these to the world! I really enjoy shooting lifestyle images just as much or more than action/adventure shots. A HUGE thank you to Flora Health for the opportunity to work with them on this project. 

  3. Another headlamp selfie while killing some time waiting on the blood moon last night! Such a bright night!#adventurephotography @clikelite #nikon

  4. Shooting with Ian Torrence and Emily Harrison on a great day at Lake Sonoma! @adidas @adidasoutdoor @nathanperfgear @clikelite

  5. My version of a selfie star gazing at Fisher Towers, UT. f2.8 ISO1600 30s Nikon 7100 Tokina 11-16mm f2.8

  6. Great night in the desert last night. A bit cloudy so not much of a star show. #fishertowers #msr #camping #clikelite #adventurephotography

  7. It’s the weekend!! Never Stop Exploring. @thenorthface #adventurephotography #clikelite

  8. Peak bagging 14ers in #Colorado. Anton Krupicka and @alpineworks on Mt. Belford. #nolans14 #newbalance #buff #swiftwick @udhydrates #clikelite #adventurephotography

  9. Lots of awesome photo trips in the coming weeks. Spring has sprung! #adventurephotography #clikelite @chacofootwear #hiking #photography #outdoor #stoked

  10. The warm evening sun on a day hike in Mt. Tamalpais State Park. #nikon #clikelite #midweekmuster

  11. Ben Dicke descends Grays Peak. Dreaming of summer trails in the high country. #midweekmuster #14ers #clikelite #adventurephotography #nikon #colorado

  12. Anton Krupicka topping out on Mt. Belford during his Nolan’s 14 attempt last summer. #clikelite #adventurephotography @buffinc #newbalance #colorado

  13. Ready for sunset in Mt. Tam State Park, California. #clikelite @chacofootwear #nikon @buffinc #adventurephotography

  14. That’s a wrap on the @chacousa shoot! So long NorCal, it’s been real! @clikelite #nikon @buffinc @goalzero #solarlife

  15. A beautiful glow to the sunrise this morning in Sonoma. There’s a lot more to this place than good wine! @clikelite #nikon @goalzero